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A short video by Joanna G.
Women, Film and the Law, 2012

IS IT EVER ENOUGH? is a short video by Joanna Grigas, her personal expression and viewpoint on being a female in the legal profession. Inspiring images and scenes were videotaped on a cellular telephone: footage during Hurricane Sandy, during a trip to California, during a run, and throughout the semester in Boston. In the first half of the video, the viewer sees the daily study routine of law, along with a few short glimpses of the outside world. Time passes in law, and the world continues. In the second half, the viewer discovers that she is a female.

To become successful female attorneys, women face being judged on both work product and appearance. IS IT EVER ENOUGH? shows the challenges a female faces when entering the male-dominated, emotionless legal world. Just as wind, a natural force featured in the film, can be harnessed for its energy, each woman, as a woman, may bring her own unique energy and viewpoint to the legal profession. IS IT EVER ENOUGH? ends with a single word, "maybe!"