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A CIVIL REMEDY is Film and Law Productions’ first film. It is thus a special honor to announce that Berkeley Media LLC will distribute A CIVIL REMEDY to colleges and universities across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Japan. We need your support to bring A CIVIL REMEDY beyond these college and university classrooms - to law schools and community colleges, libraries and legislative chambers, to non-governmental organizations - to the grass roots of civil society. When you purchase a copy of the film, you help us advance A CIVIL REMEDY’s anti-trafficking activism through law.

We need your support to bring A CIVIL REMEDY to art spaces and public places. The Puffin Foundation has provided initial funding to develop an art installation that will juxtapose A CIVIL REMEDY with a photo essay about six girls whose arrest photographs for prostitution may be the most enduring record of their lives. Your generosity will be used to document my search for these girls, their families, their stories. With Documentary Educational Resources (DER) as our Fiscal Sponsor, all donations are made securely and are fully tax-deductible.

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Kate Nace Day
Director and Producer, A CIVIL REMEDY
Founder, Film and Law Productions

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Film and Law Productions

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