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Doug Ray
Doug Ray is both a singer songwriter and lawyer. As a musician, he brings traditional story telling to his talents with rap beats, acoustic guitar and innovative lyrics to create bright impressions, tight, free-flowing raps over complex and sometimes dark themes. His music, though, is without pity or depression. Doug was awakened to sex trafficking when Andrew Levine's THE DAY MY GOD DIED was screened as part of a course in International Human Rights, the International Law Summer Program at Lund University, Sweden.

Doug Ray and Ari Goldstein have given us permission to use their song, "LET ME GO" in A CIVIL REMEDY. Of the relationship between this song and a vision of justice for sex trafficking victims, Doug wrote:

This is a song about finding strength inside yourself and breaking away from both real and perceived restraints. The will of the human spirit to be free is unbreakable. The reality of sex trafficking and human slavery is unbearable. The girls and woman held in captivity and forced to live a life of unimaginable horrors are our mothers, our daughters and our sisters. As long as just one of them is a slave, we are all slaves. And when any one of them is set free, we are all set free.


Vi måste alla kämpa för att få ett slut på mänskliga sexhandel i hela världen.