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Vivid Story
VIVID STORY Vivid Story is a Brooklyn-based creative team focused on visual storytelling and design. Founded by Shannon Carroll, A CIVIL REMEDY’s Film Editor and Co-Producer, Vivid Story came into being just in time to inspire and guide our outreach and to design and develop A CIVIL REMEDY's website and our educational and community actions guides. Vivid Story is dedicated to telling compelling stories that empower human rights causes through video production, photography and design.

GreenKat Productions
GREENKAT PRODUCTIONS GreenKat Productions‘s founder, Kat Rohrer, provided unique insights and expertise throughout the entire process of making a meaningful film of lasting impact. As cinematographer, Kat gave the film its striking and high quality visual content. GreenKat's feature length documentary FATAL PROMISES presented survivor stories and interviews with politicians, NGO's and activists like Emma Thompson and Gloria Steinem. FATAL PROMISES is the rare film that exposes the political dimensions of the human trafficking story.

Puffin Foundation Ltd
The Puffin Foundation provided funding that made it possible to edit A CIVIL REMEDY for Film and Law’s first art installation, WITHOUT CONSENT. The film will be juxtaposed with a photo essay about six girls arrested for prostitution in Denver to create awareness in new audiences. For more than 25 years, the Puffin Foundation has educated and enriched our lives by supporting works that address the social issues of our times. They support creative work that seeks to change and improve our lives captures the spirit of our times, as best reflected by the art of the times.

Documentary Educational Resources
Documentary Educational Resources is A CIVIL REMEDY’s Fiscal Sponsor. As our Fiscal Sponsor, all donations are made securely through their website and are fully tax-deductible. Founded in 1968, DER’s mission is to foster cross-cultural understanding through the distribution and promotion of quality educational ethnographic, documentary, and non-fiction films. DER distributed one of the first important films on sex trafficking, David Feingold's TRADING WOMEN.

THE BOSTON INITIATIVE TO ADVANCE HUMAN RIGHTS (BITAHR) provided crucial funding for the pre-production of A CIVIL REMEDY as a project that helps girls and women attain protection and fulfill their human rights. Together with BITAHR’s Founder Alicia Foley, Kate Nace Day developed the 2010 BITAHR Human Rights & Sex Trafficking: A Film Forum and convened experts from around the world for a unique and powerful exploration of the role of documentary film in combating sex trafficking.