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A Civil Remedy
A CIVIL REMEDY tells the story of one American girl who was trafficked for sex in Boston at seventeen. Her story bears witness, gives account to what happens to the tens of thousands of girls and women who are trafficked within the United States, each year.

Domestic sex trafficking is a story lived in the shadow of law. Despite national and state trafficking laws, traffickers, pimps and "johns" are still committing brutal crimes while the girls and women – the victims - are often treated as criminals with little recourse to justice.

A CIVIL REMEDY explores the importance of survivors' stories and the meaning of justice. A civil remedy - a state civil action for money damages - will empower victims to see their violators held accountable and drain resources from America’s sex industry.

A CIVIL REMEDY is dedicated to sex trafficking victims and survivors and to Catharine A. MacKinnon, the originator of civil remedies in the context of sexual violence against women.

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