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FILM AND LAW PRODUCTIONS presents the representative small-scale productions of law students enrolled in upper division seminars. Enabling law students to make their own films and video presentations creates space for them to question issues of social context, moral footing and restorative justice that might otherwise be lost in law’s traditional pedagogy. Filmmaking may even alter their vision of law and restore what outsider law students may have lost in their silences.

Kate Nace Day and Russell Murphy have written traditional law review articles on their pedagogical experiments as the origins and development of FILM AND LAW PRODUCTIONS, in light of The Carnegie Foundation Report, Educating Lawyers and the empirical research of Elizabeth Mertz, The Language of Law School: Learning to 'Think Like A Lawyer'.

Thinking in Gender Terms of the Law Firm, a short video by Michael R. L'Homme

Women in the Law, a short video by Amy Kasparian and Hannah Alberstadt

Is it Ever Enough?, a short video by Joanna G.

Realizing Women's Rights in Uganda, a documentary film by Brian Badgley, Corinne Reed, Ly Nguyen, and Daniel Oxenkrug

Patient Suffering, a documentary film by Rachel Casseus

When I Go to Law School, a children's book by Katie Kilberg

Spreading Awareness: BITAHR's Human Rights and Sex Trafficking Film Forum 2010, a documentary film by Nicole Mendonez

The Freedom Trail, a book by Sarah Sintros

The Cost of Death: Administrative Failures of the Death Penalty, a documentary film by Nick MacInnis, Pablo Man, Alyssa Minsky, Alexandra Rubin & Anthony Rufo